Automechanika Frankfurt is the most important global event for the industries operating in automotive sector and gives a deep and wide offer to the ones who come and visit and the opportunity to create commercial networks worldwide to the ones who come and offer their products.
That’s why we are extremely proud to participate and to invite you to Frankfurt from 13th to 17th September 2016 – hall X, stand Y- where we will present our new catalogue 2017, updated to 20.000 articles more than the previous one.

Furthermore, during Automechanika, we are also going to present our offer of raw material, specifically of Polypropylene, material we are particularly proud of both for its really elevated performance and for its ecofriendly usage.
This is the result of a really hard work : new articles testify the continuous and constant evolution of EQ program, always keeping up with the new car models and the European market needs.



EqualQuality pays attention to the environment and it’s ecofriendly, equipped with photovoltaic panels for 200kwh and actively engaged in recycling.

The building in which we operate is rated A, that means we have the lowest possible energetic consume  and the lowest environmental impact. We also proceeded with a total LED relamping, that gives us many advantages such as :

  • Better energetic usage, waste minimization and consequent energetic saving up to 50%;
  • Lower environmental impact that to the longer life  of the new lamps, 8-10 times longer than the old ones;
  • Advantages in terms of wellness : new lamps are highly ecologic (they perfectly apply ISO 14001 stantadrs), safeguarding health because they come without any trace of mercury;
  • They radiate clean light ,lacking UV and IR;


“ We are steadily convinced that we, as a global society, have to take responsible decisions, develop sustainable lifestyles and use the best technology to create an equilibrium between resources availability and usage. From its foundation, our company got engaged in environment safeguard, choosing raw materials renewal, helping the development of good practices to guarantee aware choices for us and the future generations”


Clemente Rispoli

EqualQuality CEO